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Term Assurance

Peace of mind for you and your dear ones

Choosing a term assurance with the adequate sum assured will provide you with a financial peace of mind in case of death or total and permanent disability following Illness or injury.

Loan Protection-Decreasing
Term Assurance

Have peace of mind by protecting your assets

Afri Life Loan Protection, our decreasing term insurance, means that when you commit for a significant financial facility such as a loan, lease or overdraft, you do not have to bear all the risks on your own.

Moreover, we calculate your premium on the fact that your debt decreases over time, which makes it lighter right through.

We ensure that, in case of death or unlucky life events resulting in your total and permanent disability, whatever you have acquired remains in your estate. We take over the repayment of your debt, so that nobody is weighed down with it.

Afri Life Loan Protection lightens the load both for yourself and for your family. This is the sensible choice to go for.

Product Features

Afri Life Term Assurance

Type of policy Without profits
Can be effected on Single Life or Joint Life
Term Min. 1 year - max. 30 years
Age at entry Min. 18 next birthday - max. 60 next birthday (Must mature on the 70th birthday)
Frequency of premiums Monthly
Minimum sum assured Rs 200,000
Death benefit Basic sum assured
Accidental death benefit (optional) Twice basic sum assured
Total & permanent disability (optional) Basic sum assured
Critical Illness (optional) Basic sum assured
Remarks This product may be used as security for residential loans, lease & overdrafts.

Afri Life Loan Protection Policy

Type of policy Without profits
Can be effected on A single life or on joint life
Term Min. 1 year - max. 30 years
Age at entry Min. 18 - max. 60 (N.B)
Expiry age limit 70 Years old
Frequency of premiums Monthly/single premiums
Minimum sum assured Rs 50,000
Death benefit Decreasing sum assured
Disability benefit (optional) Decreasing sum assured
Remarks No refund or surrender value is payable upon cancellation